Emergency Landing

From time to time non-normal and emergency situations occur. The key to the successful management of an in-flight emergency situation and/or preventing a non-normal situation from becoming an emergency, is for the pilot to know and follow the procedures from the airplane or helicopter manufacturer and contained in the FAA-approved Airplane Flight Manual and/or Pilot’s Operating Handbook.

What are the three main types of emergency

There are three main types of emergency landings: a “forced landing”
(an immediate landing because the plane or helicopter cannot keep
flying, such as with engine failure); a “precautionary landing” (landing
when flight is still possible but not advisable, such as worsening weather,
getting lost, low fuel and engine trouble); and “ditching” (a forced or
precautionary landing on water).

Several psychological hazards may cause a pilot to not act quickly and
safely when faced with an emergency. Some of these factors include
being unwilling to accept the emergency situation; a hope to save the
airplane; and concern about getting hurt.

A pilot who is faced with an emergency landing when an airplane or
helicopter damage is unavoidable must remember that crash injuries are
largely a matter of keeping the cabin area as contained as possible by
using the wings, landing gear, fuselage bottom to absorb the impact force
of the landing before it affects the passengers and pilot.

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Emergency Landing
Kevin Neal

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emergency landing

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